Victory House Covent Garden

My friend Lottie moved from Finland to London and to celebrate we spent a lovely weekend exploring central London. We chose to stay at the newly opened Victory House. It is located right on Leicester Square. From the moment I walked in it felt like the most relaxing place in the world.

Our room was bathed in sunlight,IMG_2542.jpg

My favourite flowers (orchids) were on display,IMG_2538

The mini bar was already included in the price and it was filled with healthy snacks!IMG_2541.jpg

With so much to do we dropped our bags and headed off to explore one of the most colourful areas in London.

I know! It sounds like an oxymoron but honestly if you go down the right streets you’ll discover Covent Garden is filled with bright art installations, pretty shop fronts and beautiful streets murals.

First stop was Covent Garden Piazza, this beautiful building is home to some amazing shops and restaurants as well as these beautiful spring inspired seats.IMG_2814.jpg

There were heart installations floating around…IMG_2799

We headed back to the hotel to have some Champagne in the room,IMG_2652IMG_2741

Before heading down to the restaurant; Petit Bistro for a lovely three-course meal. IMG_2769

We started with a delicious Chèvre Goats Cheese Salad,IMG_2771.jpg

Before moving onto a main of Risotto, and SteakIMG_1518

Finishing off with a cheese platter- we may have eaten it a little to quickly so I don’t have a photo but take my word it was the perfect way to end a delicious meal and an iconic London day.

We continued our food exploration of Victory House with the amazing breakfast buffet. IMG_1538On top of the buffet we also ordered from the hot menu. We wanted to try a little bit of everything so that is what we did.IMG_1555

After breakfast we went back up to the room where we had the perfect view of Leicester Square and we could hear the buskers underneath us.IMG_2547

Then we headed out for the rest of the day to continue exploring. We visited the beautiful Neals Yard. Even on a grey day this place lightens everything up.IMG_2787.jpg

We then stumbled upon this installation next to H&M just off the Main Street. This was such a fun piece of art, we pushed the letters together to make words and just as we finished a lady tried to steal our ‘M’ despite the fact there was another one she could use.


We headed back to the hotel to grab our bags and say good-bye to our temporary homeIMG_2775.jpg

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