A weekend in London

*please note this post is sponsored by Travelodge however all opinions are my own.

This weekend I had so much to do I could barely wrap my head around it. I wanted to catch up with a few friends while I was in London before jetting off again and I needed to go shopping for my trip to Finland next week.

I woke up and got moving. My first stop was a delicious brunch at the Barge House along regents canal.


From there I headed into Oxford street to start my shopping.

IMG_1546.jpgMy list was long and tedious, thermals and cashmere jumpers to keep me warm, a long winter coat to protect me from the elements and a pair of snow boots to keep my feet cosy and dry in the snow. By the time I was done I was exhausted but there was more I wanted to do.

Next was meeting another friend in Soho for a drink, we found this gorgeous rooftop overlooking Liberty and had it basically all to ourselves, it was nice to sit and rest for a moment.


I was tired and the thought of having to head all the way home after such a long day was just too much.

I remembered that Travelodge had a discount and decided that was the perfect solution, I could rest and recoup before heading home tomorrow. Plus this way I could fit in one more catch up. If you want to get 10% off your next hotel stay use this Travelodge code from Daily Mail’s New Years Resolutions campaign.

I arrived at the Farringdon Travelodge with all my bags, which was the perfect location, close to Kings Cross and close enough to Soho that I could walk or catch a bus there.


The checkin process was so simple and I was up to my SuperRoom in no time.

IMG_1550.jpgIMG_1553-2IMG_1554.jpgThe room was perfect, everything I needed for a nights recovery from my hectic day. I put my bags down and had a shower before heading out one final time for dinner.

Luckily Kings Cross was just up the street so it didn’t take me to long to get there for dinner. We ordered so much food and the meal was delicious.

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

When I got back to Travelodge I decided I would have a tea before heading to my room. Fortunately, the bar and cafe are open 24 hours so I ordered tea sat down and relaxed in the most comfortable seat, looking at gorgeous pictures of London.

IMG_1681.jpgThen, I headed up to bed for one of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. I think it had to do with the ability to choose the firmness of your pillow. A good pillow makes such a difference!

The best thing about my stay at Travelodge was that checkout wasn’t until midday so after I had (unlimited) breakfast down at the cafe.


I came back up to my room and hoped back into bed and worked from there until it was time to head home.


If you want 10% off your next hotel stay use the Travelodge code in Daily Mail’s New Year Resolutions campaign

12 thoughts on “A weekend in London

  1. I must say, you’ve certainly made Travelodge look good in your post there. I had some very poor experiences with them over time myself (different hotels to that one mind you) but I guess they may have upped their game. Love the rooftop view, what a gorgeous building! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So many! Make sure to check out my map of London as it has all my favourite restaurants bars etc. My one absolute must that requires booking is Sky Garden. It’s free but you have to order tickets in advance. It’s such an incredible spot with amazing views and has something for everyone.


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