Last weekend I made a fleeting trip across the channel to Dunkirk in France. However what I did not know until the day before my trip was that you cannot catch the ferry from Dover to Dunkirk without a car. I made some new arrangements since you can only go to Calais as a foot passenger and there is only one train from Calais to Dover on a Saturday I was seriously limited in my options. To make the journey work I had to catch an early ferry to Calais, but just to pile on to my already disastrous plan the trains wouldn’t run early enough to get me from London to Dover in time to catch the ferry and so I decided to head down to Dover the night before.

When I arrived in Dover all I wanted to do was explore the white cliffs that I had heard so much about.

So I set out exploring.

They were absolutely stunning,

Definitely worth the hike through the greenery,

The Nomads Project Green

I stopped to admire the view,

(pink denim jacket can be found here )

Before heading down another narrow path,

The Nomads Project hike

and another,

Before coming to the most amazing view.

I sat on the edge of the cliff just to see how far down it was. The Nomads project Sunset

As the sun set I enjoyed the view before heading back to my hotel for the night. I thought I was done with the Cliffs for the time being until I got an eyeful of white on my ferry to across the channel.

I think they may look even better from the water…

The Nomads Project Dover cliffs
It was worth the early morning ferry just to see them in all their glory. It was actually such a clear day that I could just see them when I got off the ferry in Calais

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24 thoughts on “Dover

  1. I’ve been on a ferry on a train from Calais to Dover, but I didn’t see any white cliffs. These are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!!! On my trip I was going to London to catch a plane, but the ferry was late and so I missed that plane, and headed right back down to south Germany!!! That was some journey with 2 big suitcases, one from my father, thanks Dad! Then had to wait for a stand-by flight which was a month later!!! Now that was awesome to stay in Germany with family for another month~!!!!!! πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh they do look better from the water in the midst of a swim from England to France…especially with the sun just rising! Thanks for the memories. We did your hike the day after the swim to see what we did bird’s eye.

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  3. Thanks for the like of my post, Beginning. I also spent a weekend years ago waiting in Dover so I could catch my flight from Gatwick the next afternoon. Cheers.


  4. Thank you for the lovely pictures! I actually saw the white cliffs of Dover completely by accident when I was coming across from Calais to London. It was quite amazing to spot them at 4 in the morning without initially realizing what I was looking at. One day, hopefully, in full light. : )


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