I woke up every morning and ordered some version of an English/Irish breakfast. When I went to write this post I realised I never managed to take any pictures of my breakfast so the food must have been brilliant. One morning we ate at Third Space, they had a book exchange which is something I love. 

From there we headed back towards our Air BnB so that I could fuel my obsession with deer, by visiting Phoenix park. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that I love deer. I think they are such wonderful creatures.

From there I went back to the city centre and explored the sights.

I walked across Ha’penny bridge

And explored Temple Bar,

Took in the beautiful ‘Doors of Dublin’ 

Before exploring more of Dublins beautiful parks at St Stephens Green.

Before making my way down to explore the beautiful library of Trinity College

and the rest of the grounds,

and no trip to Dublin is complete without a visit to to the Guinness Storehouse.

17 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog, so I could discover yours! Dublin looks amazing. Would it be wrong to say that I love overcast skies and gloomy weather? Once in my life I spent 4 months in LA where it was nice and sunny ALL TH TIME! Since than, I so much appreciate the variety of weather, and especially low grey sky 🙂

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