10 things to do in Prague 

My list of top things to do in Prague

Watch the Sunrise from a Charles Bridge
If you visit Charles Bridge during the day you will find it full of tourists but if you go early in the morning for sunrise not only do you get the beauty of a sunrise the bridge is much more quiet.

Charles bridge is also beautiful to view from afar or adjacent bridges.

Explore Malá Strana

Malá Strana is a historic region of Prague also known as the lesser town. This area is full of colourful buildings and beautiful churches. Take time to just wander the streets and stumble upon hidden gems.

Visit the John Lennon Wall

The wall has been filled with Beatles lyrics and John Lennon inspired graffiti since the 1980s and is representative of global symbols of love and peace.

Watch the Astronomical Clock

On the hour every hour this historic clock puts on a show that hundreds of tourists wait to see.

Climb the bell tower of Old Town Hall

For spectacular views over Prague head to the top of the bell tower.

Visit Prague Castle

The castle grounds are large so head up and take your time wandering around before watching the sunset over the city.

Explore Pragues Jewish History

Prague as a city is full of history and it’s Jewish Quater is no exception. I was told the reason that the Jewish Quater is so well preserved is because Hitler wanted to keep it intact so that it could be used as a museum for a race that no longer exists. You can get a ticket that allows you entry into a variety of Synagogues and the Jewish Cemetry which is what I did. If you have time I would recommend visiting the Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Cemetry, Jewish Memorial Hall, Jeruzalémská Synagogue.

Admire The Church of St Nicholas

If you only go in one church on your visit I would recommend you visit St Nicholas Church. Painted in the baroque style it is truly a beautiful place to see.

Have drinks at Black Angels Bar

This rooftop bar probably has the best views over old town square and is a beautiful spot to relax after a long day of being a tourist and if you hang around long enough you might even get some snow.

Explore Vysehrad Fort

A little bit further from the old town this fort has a beautiful church as well as great views over Prague.

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28 thoughts on “10 things to do in Prague 

  1. I love, love, love Prague – spent months there when I was younger! I would add party in the Musik Club, although I think it has a new name these days… it’s the 4-storey club with a different genre of music on each floor 🙂


  2. Thank you for a further inducement to see Prague. However, expecting southern Californians to sit on a rooftop bar in the snow is a stretch. Still, if an Aussie can do it ….


  3. Thanks for liking my first new post, appreciate it! Just popped in to your blog and first thing I see is this – such a coincidence as I’ve just booked tickets to Czech Republic for August! We’ll be staying in Strakonice, as it’s a cultural exchange week and I don’t get to plan what we do, but hopefully we’ll be going to Prague for one day!

    This post just made me sooooo excited to see that city, it looks beautiful.


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