Prague Castle and Old Town

I arrived in Prague mid afternoon on what was a clear and rare sunny day for Prague in January. I checked in at the gorgeous Miss Sophie’s Hotel and then headed up to the castle, in case the weather for the rest of my trip didn’t hold up I wanted to make sure I got to see a sunset over the city.

I was worried that the sky wouldn’t deepen but the longer I waited the more colour it got.

Until the whole sky was beautiful purple hue against the red rooftops of Prague

When I ventured back into the castle grounds the sunset was even better

I wandered around chasing the sunset until it was dark. Prague is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day.

I headed back to my hotel to get ready for a traditional Czech dinner at Hajnovka before settling into my room for the night.

Fortunately it was another clear day. I could see how sunny it was out my windows

So I headed down the beautiful staircase to breakfast which is actually at Miss Sophie’s Hotels sister the hostel across the road.

Before heading out for a day exploring the Old Town of Prague.

There were beautiful colourful buildings everywhere I looked.

Old town square was beautiful in the sunlight.

The powder towers also shouldn’t be missed. 

While wandering around I found this gorgeous door. So I obviously pretended it  was my own house. (A moment after this photo was taken a person came out.)

To end the day I headed back to old town square to check out the rooftops of Prague.

Before the snow started coming down.

The snow made Prague look like a fairy tale town. Almost making the -11 temperatures worthwhile.

22 thoughts on “Prague Castle and Old Town

  1. Prague is one of my favourite cities that I have ever visited. It is so gorgeous there and the vibe is great. Love your photographs!


  2. Back in the day, my lady friend and I rushed to Prague to be there when it was Czechoslovakia, and to leave when it was the Czech Republic. Back in the days of the Velvet Divorce. We met a nice couple on the train, and shared a fine Bavarian ham and some American cigarettes. We stayed at their place, they went to her parents’ place. Such fine days those were. Thank you for the stroll down memory lane!


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