Lavender Fields

Mayfield Lavander Farm is the perfect day trip just a few hours outside of London and accessible by public transport.

On arrival we headed out into the fields and chose the perfect place to set up our picnic in the middle of the Lavander.

Make sure you watch out for the bees.

The purple stretches as far as you can see and is a dream to walk through.

To break up the rows of Lavander there is a traditional red phone box

and lots of places to sit and enjoy the views.

Don’t forget to check out the store before you leave for Lavander based goods.

We left the the Lavander fields and headed to the local pub for some dinner before coming back to watch the sunset. While the farm closes before sunset there is a public easement and you are allowed to be in the farm so long as you remain on the paths. So we went back and enjoyed the peace and quiet and watched the sunset.


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