Dalloway Terrace

This post is long overdue but I decided with the launch of the new winter menu and look it would be the perfect time to write a post about one of my favourite restaurants in London, Dalloway Terrace. 

I first went to Dalloway Terrace with my friend Lucy, being a typical Australian I ordered avocado on toast with poached egg and Lucy ordered Smoked Salmon scrambled eggs. The food itself was great but that isn’t what made me go back again and again.

The location is excellent just by Tottenham Court Road Station. The Bloomsbury Hotel is incredibly easy to access and while it is in an very busy part of London, Dalloway Terrace felt much more private then that. The outdoor is made up of two levels one section has a retractable roof so you can have the feeling of sitting outside while still feeling cozy and warm which is great for the winter months and cold mornings and is excellent for summer when it’s opened up and the sun comes in. The lower level is a straight up terrace and gets plenty of sunlight. I have sat in both sections and enjoyed them equally it really depends on the weather. There is also an underground section which follows the same nature based theme as the top section however it is a little more private.

When I described Dalloway Terrace to my friends I said it would be the perfect place for afternoon drinks with work friends in summer all the while still being a great place to go for a meal.

As mentioned above I was hooked after my first visit so I brought my friends back to my new favourite restaurant after a hard gym session at another_space. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun and each others company for hours. On this occasion I had the eggs Benedict some people ate and some people just had coffees and juices but we all agreed it was somewhere to go back to.

And so I went back a third time…

This time I took my friend Gen and we had high tea. The food was amazing! And we had bottomless tea which is always a bonus. There was definitely way to much food but it was so good we obviously had to try it all.

I have loved Dalloway Terrace every time I have been and while I was given a free meal in exchange for a review that was only on the first occassion. I have taken my friends there on my own and paid for my meals because I have enjoyed it so thoroughly. The only thing I would say is if you want to do high tea make and sit on the terrace make sure you book it that way specifically or check when you book it will be open because sometimes the terrace is closed during the afternoon in which case you will be seated inside in the hotel which is still beautiful but if you had your heart set on sitting on the terrace you might be a little disappointed.

Oh an I should mention there is a beautiful classic bar downstairs, while I believe it is not technically part of Dalloway Terrace it is part of the Bloomsbury hotel and it is gorgeous so if you have a chance sneak peak inside.

4 thoughts on “Dalloway Terrace

  1. Looks a great place and nice to have it close by. Makes me want to write about some of our favourites in Cheltenham Montpellier district. Great post 👍💯🆒👫


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