Earlier this year I ventured to Rotterdam and Amsterdam for a few days. I’ve spent time in the Netherlands previously but this is the first time I have visited Rotterdam.

Amsterdam and Rotterdam have a well known rivalry and most people who live their prefer one over the other however I really enjoyed both cities and they each have very different things to offer.

Rotterdam reminds me a bit of Melbourne, a city based on a river and trams to transport you around and great sunsets over the city. What I really enjoyed about Rotterdam was the culture. While I was there Rotterdam was hosting a music event, there were small pop up stages across the city that drew people in hoards.

Witte de Wistraat is where it’s at on a Friday and Saturday night. The street is a popular place and lined with great restaurants and good bars. One of my friends and I went for a drink on Witte de Wisthraat, I was surprised how many venues had live music, it’s very much a local experience.
Rotterdam is well known for its architecture and as a result there are many interestingly shaped buildings and bridges. The cube houses by Blaak station are a well known attraction, I walked passed on my way to the street market that runs adjacent to the houses 6 days of the week with great food and flowers. There is also a giant indoor market hall (markthal). While the produce in it is great it is slightly overpriced compared to the street market however the murals on the ceiling and the fact the building is completely glass is why I visited.
I also did plenty of shopping especially as I was with my parents 😊. There is a great department store with lots of good European designers such as Aje, Maje Sandro. However when a city has good shopping. I much prefer to visit the boutiques, so mum and I wandered down to Van Oldebarneveltstraat for high end designers and lijnbaan for more high street shopping.
Being in the Netherlands and surrounded by water it was compulsory to hire a bike for the day and ride around the city like a local. Although Rotterdam isn’t that big it is really nice to ride over Erasmus bridge and get out of the hub and see a bit more of the city. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at Fenix Food factory before dropping our bikes off for a quick drink in the sun.
Places to eat:

Brunch: Picknick

Lunch/dinner: Fenix food factory

Dinner: Hotel New York

Dinner: Hermandenblijker

A must eat while in Rotterdam is Belgium fries, personally I loved Pomms especially because the stand had a swing.

Stay: we stayed at the Mainport hotel, it was in a great location and had everything we needed.

17 thoughts on “Rotterdam

  1. I was just talking to a friend of mine about Amsterdam. I was thinking of doing something different for my birthday next year. Fantastic images! I bet it was a blast! 🙂


  2. Nice pictures! I think I prefer Amsterdam to Rotterdam, but then I’ve been there more so maybe I need to return to Rotterdam to judge it fairly. Though above all I prefer The Hague! Great post


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