Lunch at Stokehouse Q

After arriving in Melbourne from a European summer I decided that I needed a break from the cold and headed up to Queensland for some warmer weather, acclimatisation is no joke!

For my sisters birthday we had lunch at the Stokehouse Q in Brisbane, as a Melbournian and therefore a fan of the Stokehouse I was excited to see how they had transplanted the concept to riverside Brisbane.

We booked a table in advance and so we were lucky to get a round table which was perfect for our group of 10 and everyone could speak to each other. 

I arrived early and sat in the bar for a while admiring the view of the city while waiting for everyone else to arrive.

The menu was amazing and there was so much that tickled my fancy. The specials they have, are written on a whiteboard and are changed regularly. 
I settled on the poached chicken.

It was as good as it looks! 

My friend had the charred Wagu which looked beautiful and tasted spectacular as well. 

The Stokehouse was a great venue, the staff were incredibly helpful and those of us that didn’t have a view of the river got to look straight into the kitchen, it’s always interesting to watch the chefs at work. 

After we finished our mains we ummed and ahhed over the dessert menu. There were so many options and everything had seen go past looked scrumchious. I chose The Bombe along with the majority of the table and my brother chose Almond Cake both which were great.

After finishing our lunch and basically being in a food coma we posed for photos as its not often my whole family is together or I run into an old friend from boarding school.

My dress is Zara and can be found here 

9 thoughts on “Lunch at Stokehouse Q

  1. Browsing through your blog posts i was so impress with the amount of places you traveled too, its incredible. With this shot i couldn’t believe my eyes because i had the similar shot from from Parkland Brisbane to and I love it.


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