Last summer I was fortunate enough to spend almost two weeks in the South of France. I stayed in Nice, Cannes and Antibes. While these three towns are incredibly close together and easy to travel between they do each have their own character which is why I split my time between them.

Nice has a beautiful old town and is renowned for its pebbled beaches and the beach clubs along the boardwalk.

Food: the food everywhere in old town was really yum and fresh. I did not have a single bad meal during my time in Nice. My recommendation would be to wander around old town at night and look at menus, there isn’t a lot of diverse offerings but the French food on offer is incredibly well prepared and your taste buds will thank you for it.

Beach clubs: It can be expensive to rent a sun bed on the beach in Nice but it doesn’t have to be. If you do your research you should be able to find a bed for around 15-20โ‚ฌ a day. I tried a few different beach clubs but my favourite was Plage Beau Rivage. A bed was 20โ‚ฌ for the day and there was carpet that you could walk along down to the water so you didn’t have to burn your feet on the sand and the facilities they provide are excellent and very clean.

Things to do: there are plenty of things you can do in Nice other then lying on the beach. The best thing I did during my time was to walk up to the castle. There isn’t actually a castle that’s just what the signs say instead it’s a really good view point over that looks out over the old town and the beach. I went up with some friends and we took some cheese and wine and enjoyed watching the sun set over the town.

I also spent one morning wandering around the market. There was a lot of fresh produce including flowers and fresh fruit. I purchased some of the fruit and took it to the beach with me to nibble on throughout the day.

26 thoughts on “Nice

  1. Hi Nomads,

    These pictures are making me want to pack my bag this second! Since I’m in Paris and getting a bit city-crazy, I’ve been eyeing tickets to beach destinations. This looks like a great spot.

    I would definitely also recommend Saint-Malo / Le Mont Saint Michel for the summer months. It’s on the opposite side of the country but a really beautiful destination as well if you get the chance to go.

    Happy traveling!

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  2. It’s a “blah” overcast day in Blue Earth, MN this weekend on call and on assignment as a traveling Ob/Gyn- the area’s only one around for more than a couple of miles out in each direction… However, you’re liking my “blog-plaint” and insights posted during wee sleepless hours this am delivered your artistry front & center in my field of vision. I’m so thankful for stillness… that now I can sit, sip and savor life vicariously through your travels, my dear! I thank you for the hassle-less, ticket-less, baggage-less, free and delightful excursion it has taken me on!


  3. I absoulutly LOVE your page !!!! wow!!! obsessed with it ! I’m about to read all of your articles, this is amazing! do you have any tips on getting people to check out more your blog and to be more known? I just started mine and I’m trying to get the word out but it’s pretty hard!


    1. not really sorry mine kind of just happened. I have the link in my instagram bio @thenomadsproject and a lot of traffic comes from there. I also think being interactive is a god way for people to check out your blog i.e. liking following commenting on things that interest you as blogging is much more of a community then other social media platforms.


  4. What a stunningly beautiful place! I especially appreciated this insight as I try to comprehend the horror of recent events. It is good to see it in this lovely, untainted by terror, perspective.


  5. I love your photos, and your writing is engaging too. Not just the “I did this” and “I did that” stuff. Thanks for liking my entry over on continualsunsets too.



  6. I visited Nice once too! It was very nice. (I’m sure thousands of tourists per year make that lame joke!)

    The difference between European cities and American cities has always been striking to me. When I’m in the US, I feel horrible in cities, but in Europe, I’m at ease in them. I guess it’s just because there is so much less glass and metal in the old European cities. The stone feels more warm and natural.


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