No. 11 Pimlico Road


My friends and I had decided to catch up for a pre easter meal and on the suggestion of a girl from work, No. 11 was the restaurant of choice especially as it is conveniently located in the middle of all our homes, just near the Sloan Square tube station.

Despite the fact that it was raining outside I still decided to venture into the darkness (this was before day light savings had switched) and the rain for what I had been promised would be a spectacular meal. I wandered down Pimlico Road with my flat mate feeling very much like Mary Poppins with my umbrella and gusting wind. We arrived with only minor damage caused by the wind and rain bustling in we managed to right ourselves and find our way to our table.

Sitting down the menu was placed before me and my chin dropped to my chest everything sounded amazing! Fortunately having dinner with three other people allowed me to taste a large selection of what was on offer.


Grilled Chicken Skewers, with mint lime and honey

Sticky Beef Soft Tacos with Aioli and spring onions

Crispy Peppered Squid with coriander spring onion and chili.


Chicken Kiev with garlic green beans

Steamed Mussels Mariniere Cream, white wine, garlic & parsley sauce served with warm sourdough

Beer Braised brisket of beef with sweet potato mash

Chicken, Ham Hock, Leek and Tarragon pie


Garlic French Beans

Truffle Macaroni Cheese


La Florenica Malbec

Domaine Montrose Rose


Espresso Martini


As you can see we sampled a large section of the menu and I was impressed with everything I tried. With the entrees the Grilled Chicken Skewers was a big enough serving that you could easily order this for your meal if you came in for lunch and the dressing was amazing. The Beef Tacos were full of flavor and the perfect size to share between friends, in fact I believe the consensus was that they were so good that we would come back and order them as a main even if it meant ordering plate after plate of them. The Peppered Squid was delicious and presented really nicely in a black pan on a wooden board.

We licked our lips and waited eagerly for the next round of food to arrive and fortunately we were not disappointed, it was just as good if not better then the starters. I ordered the Chicken Kiev, it was cooked perfectly and was a nice warm hearty dish especially since it was still pouring and blowing a gale outside. The chicken was great and exactly what I had wanted but I walked away feeling like the green beans were the hero of my meal, that is in no way to say the chicken wasn’t amazing because it was but the great beans were phenomenal they had been marinated in garlic and were full of flavour and the perfect amount of cooked without being soggy. Fortunately we had also ordered a side of green beans so I didn’t have to share with anyone else and by the time we had finished all our mains the side was also completely gone and my friends all agreed with my assessment that they were amazing.

I had bites of everyone meals and they were all incredible, my friend Alex had ordered the mussels which were cooked in a creamy sauce that she raved about until I grabbed a piece of bread that we had been given when we sat down and dipped it into the broth it was flavoursome and perfectly balanced and was the perfect pair with the mussels. Megan had ordered the pie which had a cute little duck figurine in it in order to hold the shape and allow the steam to come out. Hers was nice and hearty and the Beef Brisket was also exceptional. Everyone that knows me is aware that I love mac and cheese so the novelty of being able to get it in a restaurant with truffle oil was sending me over the moon and I was not to be disappointed. Despite the fact that I was so full at the end of my meal I still kept picking at the dish in the middle of the table.

All night our waiters had been so nice and attentive towards us and when they came to ask if we wanted dessert we were absolutely stuffed we had eaten so much because it was all so good, however that didn’t stop us from ordering espresso martinis to see the night out, after all we all have our stomachs and then our dessert stomachs.

The food was amazing and the company was great it is defiantly on my list to visit again especially since the brunch is apparently amazing. Just to explain how good the food was half way through our meal something set the fire alarm off (it was a false alarm) we all sat there looking at each other as the food was so good we didn’t want to leave. Ever to the rescue Megan started eating quickly and then topped our glasses up to the top to ensure if we were to be evacuated that we would be able to ensure we stayed hydrated.

14 thoughts on “No. 11 Pimlico Road

    1. I’d give it an 8.5 out of ten if I had to put a score on it. The food was good and the staff were fabulous, it is also a really good venue and we were there Thursday night with the Good Friday public holiday the following day and it had a really good atmosphere, people drinking at the bar and then people sitting and eating at the tables. Personally I look to atmosphere as well as food and service.

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