In September, my friend Em and I headed to Edinburgh for the weekend. We were fortunate enough to be around during the Edinburgh v St Andrews rugby match which had the most amazing atmosphere with students piling into the stadium from both universities and the rivalry was intense.

What to do


wander around the old and new town to get the best feeling for Edinburgh. Its not overly big so you can easily do this and due to the hilly nature of the place you never know when you are going to stumble upon a spectacular view.

Arthurs Seat

Hike up, it is hard and there are a lot of steps but the view is defiantly worth the effort. You could make a day of it and pack some food and sit on the grassy top and stare out at Edinburgh. Unfortunately the day we were there the sky was grey and the sun defiantly was not out but it was still beautiful. As a side note there is an easier way to get up the hill. If you walk from behind it is a much more gradual climb then approaching from the front, so you chose fast and difficult or longer but easier.


If you are a Harry Potter fan you probably know this already but if not then you learn something new everyday. J.K Rowling regularly wrote in or around the cemetery and she got the names for some of her characters from gravestones. It is also a nice green area in the centre of the old town. People set up their picnic blankets and relax here. I know its a bit morbid but just don’t think about it to much.


28 thoughts on “Edinburgh

  1. We loved Edinburgh! We came across a wonderful little antique shop in the old town, the owners were so lovely and we came away with some ancient coins! Our favourite purchase of the trip πŸ™‚


  2. Is it narcissism to love photos of your home city while you’re still living in it? Brilliant shots either way πŸ™‚ I can even see my flat in one of them.


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