Loire Valley


In April last year I visited the Loire Valley with my family. We had some amazing food and wine and visited many château.

I highly recommend visiting as many as possible but Chateaux Villandry, Château de Chenonceau are must sees. The Villandry gardens are usually spectacular, however we were to early in the year to see them in bloom but even the intricacies of the hedges are worth seeing. The Chenonceau gardens are beautiful as well but what makes this one stand out is that the Chateau is also a bridge across the river. The history behind all the chateau in the region is incredibly interesting with Mary Queen of Scots and Catherine de Medici having lived their lives in the region.

21 thoughts on “Loire Valley

  1. Great pics! Oh, I just LOVED the Loire Valley! I agree that these are two MUST SEE chateaux when visiting the area. If you’re interested, here are my photos from a few years ago:
    Villandry: http://shutterbugsage.com/?s=Villandry
    Chenonceau: http://shutterbugsage.com/?s=Chenonceau

    I also recommend visiting Ambois (former home of Francois I and burial site of Leonardo DaVinci) and Clos Luce (former home of DaVinci allegedly connected to Ambois by underground tunnel).


  2. These photos are stunning. This has never been a place I’ve looked at visiting before but has certainly caught my interest now!


  3. Really enjoyed the images and the ride and…thank you for following my photography blog: http://throughharoldslens.com. I hope you enjoy your journey.
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  4. This post is so wonderful!!! Your pictures are stunning! This is absolutely a must see on my travel list!! 🙂


  5. Hi, enjoyed reading your post and wonderful photos. The gardens at Villandry are awesome I agree. As well as Chenonceau we really rated the amazing Chambord with all it’s towers. Cheers, Mark


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