Lumiere London


imageI attended the Lumiere London light festival over the last few days and here are some of my favourite photographs. If you missed out don’t worry there are a few sites that will continue to run for the next few days. There is also a light show on at Canary Wharf running until the 22nd of January that you can catch as well.

24 thoughts on “Lumiere London

  1. Brilliant photos! Feel terrible that I was in London and didn’t make it to any of these exhibits. Too busy coming and going from the theatre. Thanks for providing an insight into what I missed!


  2. Oh my these pictures are beautiful! I love your photography skills! 😀 and am so happy that you got the chance to see the lights! I was in London on the 12th but left the next day which is the day before it started and did not get the chance to witness them 😦


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