Moons Cafe is the best place for breakfast, coffee or lunch. The food is superb and the services is great.

Mexican Republic From the outside this little restaurant doesn’t look overly exciting but once you have received your food you will know it was defiantly worth the wait.

Pizza Pizza The best take out pizza in Victoria.

Bottle Of Milk owned by the same people as Pizza Pizza the burgers are great for lunch or dinner and you can even get takeaway. The food is amazing and I highly recommend you order some chips as well.


There is only really two places to go out in Lorne and even then you will be lucky if they are open late. The Lorne Hotel and Cuda bar are both good. It depends on the sort of night you are after, you only have to walk down the main street to decide. Don’t forget Grandma Shields Bakery will be open and serving for your midnight walk home.


On a budget you can stay at Great ocean Road Backpackers or camp in one of the camp grounds.

If you have a bit more spending money i would recommend the Cumberland. It is in the perfect location, close to the surf club and the pub.


Deluxe is a must visit for high end Australian labels. They also have a good mix of some cheaper brands and great hand creams and soaps.

Wolf Whistle further down Mounty parade Wolf Whistle offers a mix of vintage and new. The collection is defiantly worth checking out. I managed to purchase a vintage white silk shirt for $45.

Wearing: Topshop denim jacket, Mango dress

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  1. Your pictures are beyond awesome. If you ever want second photographer, consider me. I would work as cheap as possible..:P


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