Geelong Food Guide




There are a lot of wineries down the Bellarine Peninsula so it is important to do some research. My recommendations are;

Terindah Estate

I went here for lunch and the food and wine were superb, but that is the case with most wineries. The restaurant is basically in a glass box with sliding doors which is a great concept to make the most of the view however we were sat right by the door and those in the sun were boiling and those of us who got air were getting quite windswept. It was an incredibly windy day though.
What sets Terindah apart from the other wineries in the area is that the view is spectacular. If you walk out to the vineyard on a clear day you can see all the way to Melbourne across the bay. We had a very clear view of the You Yangs which was quite spectacular.
(Jack Rabbit next door has the same view as well)


Leura Park Estates

This was recommended to me. Not necessarily for the winery but they run a Segway tour out of winery as well. This creates a unique twist and isn’t overly expensive. For $128 we had a 90 minute Segway tour around the estate and learnt about the regions wine and the grapes grown in the vineyard. The tour was a lot of fun and a very exciting way to visit a winery. I highly recommend if you are visiting the area to book yourself in or gift it to a friend. At the end of the tour we had a tasting of the estates wines and then chose one from the selection to have while we had a sharing plate and pizza. All of which was included in the cost. Laura Park Estate



Fishermans Pier ‘Fishos’

For dinner there is nothing better than fishos. The restaurant is located on the waterfront and the food is superb. From the outside it may not be a lot to look at but the view from inside and especially from the events centre is well worth the venture. Being located right on the waterfront there is nothing to obstruct ones view. Jimmy the waiter is a Geelong institution and while the food and view are amazing he is the reason why we constantly go back. Fishos is a bit more expensive but it is defiantly worth having one meal there. They also have an extensive wine list, which Jimmy is well versed in and will be happy to help you make a selection.
A little Greek restaurant. I had the lamb souvlaki and have never seen a bigger meal. However I would recommend that you share a souvlaki with the person you are dining with and get some items off the sharing menu.
Lord of the Isles

Breakfast and Coffee

Pakington Pantry

The food here is great and well presented. There is a bustling vibe and great coffee, we were served quickly which is important if you are just having a quick meal. I recommend the Eggs Benedict, but the fritters looked amazing too.
Only downside is that the toilets are out the back in the car park and sometimes it can get to busy. But hey that’s a sign of a great cafe


King of the Castle

Located at the opposite end of Pakington Street King of the Castle is very Melbourne. The converted warehouse space is cool and chic, the booths have amazing blankets draped over them and if you love them as much as I do you can even purchase them. King of thE Castle has managed to create a great cafe that also sells/ advertises the homewares it uses to decorate.
The kitchen looks like a food truck but produces even better food. I highly reccomend trying the sweet potato fries and the Avo on toast. I didn’t grab a coffee but those that did, didn’t complain.

Geelong Social Club

Located in the middle of Pakington Street this is an easy run through for anyone living or working near by. The space is cool with a tables and wooden create concept stools (a bit more comfortable though). The coffee is good but in my opinion what sets these guys apart and why I would support them is; they are really hard workers and have a new baby and yet they were about the only coffee shop open on Christmas and through the holidays. If you ever need a coffee fix on a
Holiday and Geelong Social Club isn’t your regular or you are a visitor then I would recommend you make the trip. The staff are quite indie and the whole place has a Fitzroy vibe but friendlier atmosphere. The two times I went, there were groups of riders who had stopped for coffee on their way home mums having catch ups and people on their way to work. This caters for everyone and is in a great location.
Also on a side note they have free sparkling water on tap 😋


Little Creatures

Great for a Sunday session or just an everyday visit. They aren’t open overly late but are defiantly worth a visit.
The bar is located on the brewery so when you arrive there is a distinctive smell of hops but once you turn the corner it’s all good. There is a vintage VW ute (truck) parked out the front which is a must for a photo. The bar area has a really cool vibe, the outside is lit by large bulbed multicolour lights and the inside is quite festive too.
Of course if you are visiting you should try the baron Little Creatures brewed beers. Each to their own as to what type of beer you lime but I recommend if you haven’t been before you should have pots and try a few different beers before you leave. They also serve pizza if you want to eat there.


The Edge

The Edge is the place to go before you go out. Drinks aren’t to expensive and the place is bustling with locals. Plus it’s on the waterfront and has a good view over the carousel and the bay. You can easily walk from The Edge to wherever you plan to go next.


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