London Map

London is a city where there is something new to discover every day. One of the best things to do is to just get lost. There are amazing galleries to visit, shops to discover and restaurants to indulge in. On top of all of this, London is a city where there is something on every night and someone always looking to have a night out.

I have composed a guide of My London and over time I will continue to add to it and provide reviews. I hope you enjoy it and just remember there are lots of places including bars that require bookings, so to ensure you get the most out of London be prepared and plan your nights.

London Map
click link for map

Click the photo to open in maps


20 thoughts on “London Map

  1. I would love to learn how to add a map such as this to my site. It is fantastic!

    You have some great photography; looking forward to following your travels.


      1. Did you import a Google map because I don’t understand the screenshotting of segments and hyperlinking of maps ?


      2. Hey, no I didn’t import a Google map I could not figure out how to embed it 😁 – would love to hear from anyone who does. Instead what I did was screenshot (cmd, shift, 4 on a Mac) of the area I wanted. This then becomes a picture like a jpeg so can be imported in the same way you normally put photos on a blog post. From there I inserted in and when you are adding pictures you have some options such as what it links to etc this is where I included the link so that when you click on the photo it takes you to the map. Not sure I answered your question so feel free to clarify anything


      3. Thank you fore your response, I have to look it up how to screenshot because I’am using public computers at the moment. Its not that urgent because I’am mainly working on onother site. I need it later after the summer fore a Tourism Blog any way thank you verry much and maybe I will contact you later when I’am working on that site.


  2. Loved your map. It brought back memories as I left London in 1971. I think my places of interest in London may have changed a little by now, but Primose Hill is still there and Camden Market was mind-blowing in the sixties.


  3. This is such a great idea! I have all my favourite places just saved on my phone on notes and wasn’t sure how to add it onto my blog. Thanks for the inspiration x


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