I decided that since I live in London and I am constantly travelling whether it is home to Melbourne, across to Europe or anywhere else that I should try to keep a record of it. The places I go, stay and see as well as the people I meet will all become a part of this blog.

Contact: thenomadsproject@gmail.com

Bourke Street Mall Melbourne

London Eye

75 thoughts on “What…

  1. Thank you so much for always dropping by to my site and liking my post, you have wonderful sites and a lot of places that I dreamed to visit, I hope I can travel to the places you had featured here.


  2. Hi
    Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Bloggers Recognition Award. I am pleased to have come across your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing some wonderful photos. Have a look at my recent post for the rules/conditions regarding this award.
    I hope you accept the nomination and I look forward to seeing who you nominate. Congratulations and well done!
    Cheers, Mark


  3. I’m going to be in London in September with my sister and my 20 year old grand daughter. Will only be there for 3 days before we leave to go to my Mum’s hometown of Felixstowe, where my sister was born. Any ideas on MUST see places? I was in London in 2014 with my 2 younger grand kids and my best friend. I didn’t get to see a lot of what I wanted to see for various reasons. We did take a cool double decker bus tour that had a “Back to the Future” theme. The guide was dressed in period costume. I hope that they’re still running the same tour. We also went to the British Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. We saw “Stomp” at the West End. I’m really looking forward to my trip.


    1. maybe check out my London map for things i recommend. I would try to do at least one market, borough or camden and the columbia road flower market is great for a sunday. watching the sunset over St Pauls from Madison is a great thing to do as well. You can also go up St Pauls if you book your ticket in advance.
      Sky Garden is really good. Excellent views over London and good cocktails as well. You do have to book tickets for this but they are free.
      Tate Britain is a good visit as well and while you were in the area No 11 Pimlico Road have excellent food if you are looking for somewhere to eat.
      If the flowers are out I would visit the rose garden in Regents park.
      Explore Notting Hill, (breakfast at Granger and Co is a must if you are in this Notting Hill) its such a pretty area and if the weather is good you could walk down through Hyde Park to westminster.


      1. Thanks for the tips. P.S. I’m new to blogging on word press and need some technical help. I just posted a blog, but mistakenly put it in uncategorized instead of travel. How do I go back and change the category? It’s a follow up to 2 other blogs and I want to make sure it appears in the right place because by itself it doesn’t really make sense without reading the other two articles.


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